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Spacewear joined the Axiom Space’s Ax–3 Mission.
The new Spacewear SFS2 tested on the ISS.



Spacewear joined the Axiom Mission 3.
The new SFS2 tested on the ISS.


Smart Flight Suit 2

Designed and produced by Spacewear, SFS2 is the certified interactive suit, created to increase the psycho-physical comfort of the astronaut and to monitor medical data.


Built with a latest generation fabrics with the necessary performances such as maximum fireproofing, resistance to liquids and fluids, antistatic and antimagnetic, the Suit has superior breathability performance to fabrics with the same skills, and ensures the maintenance of normal body temperature. SFS2 also integrates the ability to detect astronaut medical data. During the tests of its use, temperature, blood pressure and heart rate will be detected.

What We Do

Spacewear is an Italian company that deals with research and development for the aerospace sector, in the context of the emerging space economy, aimed to experimenting with new functions, uses and performances in the textile and clothing sector and beyond.


Spacewear develops innovation, aimed to satisfying the needs and requirements of both astronauts and space travelers and tourists, creating new garments integrated with new wearable functions, new ergonomics and new designs.

In the field of design and development, Spacewear is also focused on using the results of research that make them usable and useful for everyday use and contemporary lifestyles, to create and produce new clothing and accessories, with new functionalities, additions of wearable technologies, and with new ergonomic designs capable of improving and innovating functions and aspects of everyday life and useful in the different areas of dressing and living, combining healtware, sportsewear, design and wearable and Italian Style.

R&D : Smart Flight Suits


Smart Flight Suit Zero

The first canvas, in prototype fabric, with handwritten indications to modify and improve the astronaut’s comfort and safety, wearable positioning and last but not least the Design, the Italian Style.


Smart Flight Suit 1

First definitive suit, fire retardant and antimagnetic fabric, waterproof closures, 12 G resistant pockets, biomedical detection lights.
Successfully tested during the Virtute 1 mission.


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