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Smart Flight Suit 1

Definitive suit.
Fire retardant and antimagnetic fabric, waterproof closures,
12 G resistant pockets, biomedical detection lights.
Made in Italy.


The definitive suit is built based on the decisive cuts on the first canvas, which lead to the creation of over 150 assembled pieces, to give the maximum possible operational comfort.


The Smart Flight Suit 1 is made with the fabric required by the stringent standards and certifications of orbital flight, which require a6G resistance of the wefts in acceleration and compression and maximum fireproof grade.
The SFS1 can even withstand over 12 G. Tests for pocket strength have passed the testable maximum.


The SFS1 contains textile conductors that detect some medical parameters such as the astronaut’s ECG and communicate their stability via LEDs applied to the suit.

Research and development and tests were carried out in collaboration with the CNR and the Polytechnic University of Marche.

The study and research in the Wearable field represent the first great innovative step.