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Smart Flight Suit 2

Certified interactive suit.
Created to increase the psycho-physical comfort of the astronaut and to monitor medical data.


SFS2, designed and produced by Spacewear, is an innovative Suit for astronauts, built with over 200 pieces in order to provide maximum comfort of movement, equipped with safety bumpers in the most exposed physical parts, fireproof but breathable, and capable of detecting biomedical data.

SFS2 medical data detection device

Thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Air Force, SFS2 is used on the International Space Station during the Ax-3 Mission organized by Axiom Space.

The suit has successfully passed the qualification process for space flight according to the most stringent international standards. The certified devices, integrated on the SFS2, have been approved by NASA and the international board for the ISS and they are the only devices enabled to detect medical data in the Ax-3 Mission, in addition to NASA’s default ones. Any on-board medical data collection research will need to use data collected by SFS2.

SFS2 shoulder bumper
SFS2 elbow bumper

Fabrics and devices are certified therefore SFS2 represents a unique example in the current panorama which will be tested for a minimum of 8 hours during the Ax-3 Mission. The suit is able to maintain body temperature at normal levels both under physical exertion and in cooling contexts and is able to monitor biomedical data via integrated devices and transmit them in real time or store them, depending on the operation of the bluetooth function.

In addition to providing a form of active and passive safety, it is a prelude to further developments in the implementation of comfort and operational safety in space, with implications that can also be used on planet Earth.